What is Gas/Air Leak Detector?


Gas/Air leakage are visible at a glance

Visualize the location of gas leakage.

Contribute to energy savings.

image of gas & air leak detector

If you can easily see where the gas leakage is・・・・

Environmental countermeasures can be taken easily!

Easily detect gas leakage, which can cause environmental burdens such as Co2 emissions, higher electricity costs.
Easy environmental countermeasures are available.

エアリーク 説明画像

Advantages of implement

Prevention of gas loss = cost reduction
Ensuring safety and quality through preventive maintenance
Contribute to carbon neutrality(GX)

Gas/Air Leak Detector MK-750ST

Product Features

Only weighs 740g!
Easy to operate with one hand

A portable storage case is also available for easy transport.

Capable of detecting any type of gas

・Pinholes due to pipe corrosion

・Loose flanges and deteriorated gasket

・Sucking detection of vacuum-pull piping

・Leakage detection from connection points, etc.


Detect any type of gas such as air, vapor, argon, nitrogen, etc.

Gas leaks can also be detected at a long distance
(up to 20 meters)

No need to use ladders to work at heights.
Safe operation from the ground is possible.

Peak ultrasonic values are visible by displaying them on a sound pressure map.
It is possible to quantify the estimated leakage volume.
sound pressure map

\Gas/air leak detector/

The structurte of MK-750ST

Detect where the gas leaks out at a glance by simply pointing the camera.
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Demo unit rental is available

Available at the following locations.
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