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Our mission is to offer the total solution that is the most
suitable for customers through the understanding
of their problems using our product lineups from
small-scale semiconductor to large-scale industrial

"Thing to Imagine" is created by our full-scale
with the technology of "Now and Future".



Our Business

We operate in a wide range of businesses in the field of electronics.

Facilities & Equipment


Intelligent Storage Management System for Electronic Components Reel

The smart reel rack is a system that digitizes reel

information. The rack can automatically sense where to

place the reels and record the reel information.


When moving or preparing materials, the system can

operate according to the BOM or the material station table,

greatly reducing the time spent on searching for reels and

effectively preventing personnel from picking up the wrong

materials, so that the overall efficiency of SMT production

can be improved.


Adopting independent stock control, if there is any failure,

it will not affect other stock.

HG Laser Marking Equipment (For All Industries)

Laser marking is the use of high energy density laser on

the product for local irradiation, so that the surface layer

of the material vaporization or color changes in the

chemical reaction, thus leaving a permanent marking



Laser marking can hit a variety of text, patterns, etc., and

heat-affected area is small, fine processing, low cost, easy

to operate, no pollution.


In the field of PCB marking, laser marking has become a

mature technology, widely used in the production process

of various electronic products.

HG new

Gas / Air Leak Detector MK-750ST


Gas/Air leakage are visible at a glance 

Air leakage in factory air piping causes CO2 emissions,
which is a burden on the environment, and also increases
electricity costs.

The Air Leak Viewer easily detects air leaks by simply
pointing it at the location of the air leak.

The small, portable housing can be operated with one hand, making it easy to implement environmental measures and
save energy.